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Nobody really thought I would be able to walk around in the snow covered driveway after Storm Stella paid Eagles Mere a three-day long visit in March. I did it… sort of, kind of, not really.

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Hey it’s Anna. Bingley and I sorry we took a two year break from wordpress. We will try not to let it happen again but I cant promise anything. Love Anna and Bingley

Posted by: Anna Mei | October 26, 2015

Short story by Bingley and Meiwei

{Ed. note: Bingley author was to impatient to let me proof read this.}

    One day Mom was walking Mr. Bingley on the railroad bed in Eagles Mere. Mom decided to let Bingley go off leash because he usually would just follow her. But today was different because he smelled a fox and went off the trail to find it. Awhile later he realized mom was nowhere to be found so he tried to track her, but couldn’t pick up her scent. He was able to figure out that he was truly lost in the middle of nowhere. Soon after he decided to start walking towards a house he thought he recognized. It turned out to be a old white barn with a hole in the foundation he had been past before. The fox, Bingley smelled ealier ended up being Fox, Joe’s kit whom lived in the hole under the foundation. Fox was evil like his dad who stole my head. Then a wolf named Lupus came along. Lupus told Fox that he would help Fox trap Bingley if Fox would hide under the barn. Fox having not been taught by Joe was naive and accepted Lupus’ offer. Lupus then rolled a cinderblock across the enterance trapping Fox inside. After trapping Fox Lupus told Bingley to follow him. Bingley wasn’t sure if he was to trust Lupus, but he decided that Lupus was friendly so he followed. Lupus took Bing back to the railroad bed where Bing got lost in the first place. Then Bing turned and said “thank you Lupie for taking me back to the railroad bed. Will I ever see you again?” Lupie replied “If you ever get lost or run into Fox you just might see me. Or maybe you will see me in the woods sometime.” Bing turned and headed towards home disapponted he might never see Lupie again. But Bing heard a howl and ran to where he thought the sound came from. When he got there he found that Fox had Lupie tied up. The rope binding Lupie’s legs was not regular rope it was heavy duty rope with a lock on the end. Bing ran to Lupie and asked “where is the key to the lock?” Lupie answer “It’s under the pile of leaves over there.” Bing thought how on earth was he supposed to get it. Then Lupie gave him the answer. Lupie told Bing that he was to hind in the leaves before Fox noticed him. Then Bing was supposed to steal the key while Lupie distracted Fox. Bing said he understood, so Lupie started started howling. Fox didn’t want anybody to hear Lupie so he tried to shut him up. Bing then ran and grabbed the key. when Bing had the key he started barking, Fox thought it was another wolf coming to rescue Lupie so he went to investigate. Then Bing ran and untied Lupie. Lupie said ”thank you for coming and saving me from Fox.” Bing told Lupie you’re welcome and goodbye. After that he went home to a extremely anxious mom.

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Anna’s ponys


aka Dad

[e.d note not from Bingley’s point of view]Chancey-boo is a #1″horse”! He is a cute , yet large horse! I have been riding him down the hall piggie-back style for about 10 years now! Dude is a cute yet large pony !I have been riding him for about 3 years now! On the lookout.And last but, not least Panda He a cute yet large horse and is the biggest

Loveable horse BRAT ever!!!!!

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My First Birthday

Bing's b day

Hi Bingley here, I wanted to share my first Birthday with Mom,Dad,Meiwei, and
that morning Meiwei had ridden her bike into town with  Mom and bought a cookie for my “cake”  then  they brought it home for me. After they brought it home mom lite  the candle and Meiwei said hold while she put on the ground.Later that day Meiwei took me fishing.

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Hello World From Scugg

Today I saw Meiwei’s outdoor wild pet squirrel named Scugg. He is named after Benjamin Franklin’s tame Pet squirrel named Scugg he was kept on a silver chain  he was also there when Ben was the sectary for the Continental Congress.He loves to come to Meiwei’s pinecone feeders to eat them. My favorite job is to chase him away even Meiwei tell me not chase him away HEHEHE. He also like to eat mom’s suet feeder. His favorite thing to do though is to fake me out by annoying me and then when I try to chase him I RUN SMACK DAB into the door and sometimes bust the screen door and Dad yells at me.

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Trip to Centennial

Today we went to Centennial Lake and went for a long walk so Mom and Meiwei could draw trees,  read,  have lunch, and study toads  because it was warm. [Ed. note: it was actually very hot!]

We saw beech, American Elm , black gum , and hickory trees.  Mom knew some of the trees and we used a guide, the Fandex Family Field Guides: Trees by Steven M. L. Aronson.  It’s a fan-style book and on each page it has a die-cut picture of the leaf and description of  the leaves, bark,  flowers,  fruits, seeds, tree shape, habit, range, and other names. It also has stories and photos of each tree.

The downside to it is the die-cut pictures of  the leaves get stuck on each other if you close it too quickly.  The good thing about having this guide was that there were no leaves on the trees, so we were able to use the guide’s leaves to draw from.   The American Elm at Centennial was isolated so it was not killed by the fungus Dutch Elm Disease. 

When  Meiwei was drawing the trees, a Canada Goose that Meiwei named Snoopy came on land. She fed it a crumb of her sandwich. At first he did not take it, but when she tossed it on the water, he ran and grabbed it out of the water.

Then we read Stowawayby Karen Hesse which is about Nicholas

Young, a true boy who traveled with Captain Cook. 

Mom found a geocache with Meiwei. It was at a tiny pond on a side trail at Centennial. Then Mom tried to take pictures, but her phone camera got fried in the heat and wouldn’t work. Then Meiwei got frog eggs out of the water which I wanted to go into, but wasn’t allowed.  We took the eggs home in a little bucket. We are going to raise them at home, I think, or until the cats kill them, I think.

Then we went to Rita’s and we got mango-orange for mom,  cherry for Meiwei, and a pup cup for Me. Next on the way home I was over-heated and Meiwei kept pouring my pup cup into my mouth to try to cool me down. It didn’t work. Then when we got home mom had to hose me down. After that they went to the pond and got water  for the frog eggs they caught. And then Meiwei’s friend, Avy, came home with them to see the eggs.

I hope the cats don’t kill the eggs. And I hope that next time we go to the park, I won’t be fried!!!!

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Trip to D.C.

   A week ago Meiwei went to D.C.  I went to Granna’s house 4 the day.  Mom and Meiwei went to the Air and Space Museum and Newseum with Uncle Brett, Colin, and Thomas and had a TON of  FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.

   First they went to Granna’s house to drop me  off  and to pick up Colin and Thomas.Then they went to the Metro Station and took it to the Air and Space Museum.  It was HORRIBLE.  Mom paid a lot of money for tickets to see the IMAX movie, “To Fly!”  Then when we got there, there was no place to pick up prepaid tickets and Mom and Thomas had to stand in line with everybody else. In the “How Things Fly” exhibit area, almost all the demonstration exhibits were broken. The bathroom lines were really backed up. And there were ten lines that were going out the door from the Food Court.  So they ended up going outside to a STREET VENDOR for hot dogs and pizza. When they went outside they were able to go into the Observatory to see the sun, but it was pretty boring.[ed.note it was So boring I almost fell a sleep]

    While they were outside eating on  a wall, Uncle Brett came and they took a taxi to the Newseum, a museum for news.  Meiwei had to sit on top of Mom and her head kept hitting the roof 😦 . When they got there, first they saw the 9/11 exhibit with lots and lots of newspaper front pages from around the world about the stupid planes crashing into the Twin Towers.  Then they went and WASTED THEIR TIME at the Berlin Wall exhibit and the News History exhibits [Ed. note. We do not agree with the author/Bingley.]  Then the went to the BEST part of all which I have been waiting ALL DAY for: the First Dog’s exhibit, a display of the presidents’ dogs!!!!!!  There is one that I am like a Mini-Me of named Checkers, an English Cocker Spaniel, owned by Richard Nixon when he was running for President in 1960. When Nixon was elected in 1968, he got a dog named King Timahoe who was bred by Grandad’s sister’s husband.

    After that they went to The New Orlean’s Cafe.  Afterwards Mom and Meiwei took the Metro back to Granna’s house and then took me HOME!!!I was very bored because mom left me at granna’s, but i got bread and a walkies.[Ed.note walk]

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Me snuggling with my Redskins “banket”

{Ed. note: blanket}Ed. is Meiwei. This is a tall tail I (Bingley speaking) wrote a few weeks ago. Dad,Meiwei,Mom,and I went geocaching yesterday.There were big Evergreens that were two million feet tall. We had to jump over eighty – foot high fallen logs and I landed on my tummy and Meiwei laughed her head off at me and it really fell off. then an evil fox named Joe stole Meiwei’s head and I had to rescue it. I had to cross a large stream bordered by sycamores. A troll popped out of nowhere and I had to solve his riddle. He said “you have to find a special Redskins Blanket and it will tell you a clue to help
solve the riddle.” I got clue and it waddled and tied itself around my shoulders , so I could become a super-hero. I solved the riddle which told me where Joe went , which was the location of the cache! The Banket magically flew and knocked out Joe! I stole Meiwei’s head back and the Banket flew me back to my Family where I could put Meiwei’s head back on. Then I showed Them the cache was. Dad set a trap and it fell on Joe and we left Joe in the trap. Moral of the story : Don’t laugh your head off in these woods because it will REALLY fall off! HEEHEEHEE!

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How to feed the slowest eating horse

Hey , guys. Meiwei here. This is how I feed Dude. First I take half of his food and put it in his food pail.Then I put his medicine in and finally I dump the remaining food over the medicine.Otherwise he will just spit out the medicine which he needs to be more supple even though he’s only 13 years old.

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